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Bulk Grapes for Sale

06/28/2022 11:48 AM | Kay and Jay Stoeger

Cold Country Vines & Wines has the following grapes for sale

Petite Pearl - 2 tons

Frontenac - 4 tons

Louise Swenson - 2 tons

Frontenac Blanc - 2 tons

Brianna - 3 tons

Frontenac Gris - 5 tons

Marquette - 1.5 tons

Delivery is available within 300 miles of Kewaunee WI.  My break-even cost is $1.75 per mile and that is what I'll deliver for with a 25 cent per mile additional cost for every dollar gas prices go above $5.00

$1450 per ton, with a 1 ton minimum order. 

Grapes are delivered in half ton disposable cardboard bins on top of a pallet.

Grapes are usually delivered within one day of picking with the night of picking as the target.

Payment is due upon delivery

Jay (Jeffrey) Stoeger

Cold Country Vines & Wines

E3207 Nuclear Road Kewaunee, WI 54216

Ph: 920-776-1328 Cell: 920-304-0270



211 Canal Rd

Waterloo, WI 53594


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