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  • 02/23/2024 7:49 AM | Shane Reddemann

    I purchased this through WGGA a couple years ago and never unboxed it.  It is brand new.  WiFi model -  Rainwise Agromet/IP-100 combination.

    Cost when purchased through WGGA was approx $750.  Willing to sell for $500.

    Please text or call :). 

    Shane @608-509-5129

  • 01/31/2024 3:16 PM | Christine Bluhm

    Job Title: Vineyard Manager

    Reports to: General Manager

    Summary: Supervises and coordinates all the various farming activities for the vineyard. Vineyard tasks include pruning, tucking, tying, and training of vine, pest management, chemical spray application, canopy management, nutrient management, weed control, and harvest. Directs and delegates work assignments to field personnel. Trains personnel in areas of procedures, safety, and regulations that pertain to the vineyard. Maintains supervision of field crews to assure that proper procedures and quality of work.

    Duties and Responsibilities: This person is responsible for all aspects of operating the vineyard, including but not limited to the following; other duties may be assigned

    •           Plans and coordinates activities of vineyard staff, mechanics, equipment operators, and other related personnel;

    •           Participate in monthly management meetings along with annual corporate Strategic planning, and achieve those goals assigned to Vineyard, represent the department with other managers;

    •           Monitors crops for insects, diseases, and needed additions; 

    •           Plans and implements fungicide, herbicide, and pesticide applications; Keeps accurate records of pesticide and chemical usage on all grounds of the vineyard and establishment;

    •           Determines plant nutrient needs via tissue and soil sample; plans and implements fertilization applications using test results and good agricultural practices; keeps detailed records of all applications;

    •           Maintains accurate records of daily events, equipment, work schedules, and all other field history;

    •           Assist in preparation of the annual capital expenditures and operating expense budget and monthly reviews;

    •           Assists in requisitioning, operating and maintaining all tools, equipment, and vehicles. Reviews all expenditures to ensure that all operations are within budgetary parameters;

    •           Maintains and enforces company policies, safety regulations to workers;

    •           Works nights and’ weekends as required throughout the year; and

    •           Manages vineyard operations to budget


    •           Bachelor’s degree or higher in viticulture, horticulture, or enology;

    •           A minimum of two years of direct experience in vineyard management and/or development;

    •           Strong communication skills with the ability to speak and write clearly;  

    •           Excellent planning and organizational skills as well as the ability and desire to be a team player;

    •           Solid computer proficiency and ability to work with company software and programs such as Microsoft Office;

    •           Must have a valid Pesticide Applicator license;

    •           Experience with hybrid grape varieties and mechanized vineyard operations;

    •           Must have personnel management experience; and

    •           Ability to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly

    If interested please email resume to: winemaker@dancingdragonflywinery.com or gm@dancingdragonflywinery.com

  • 12/27/2023 7:59 PM | ROBERT& LINDA HENRY

    In seek of experienced pruning of 500, year 3 Itasca in North Central Wisconsin during winter of 2024. 

    Please contact Bob at: rhenry@hiddenviewwinery.com  

  • 11/24/2023 1:34 PM | Ernie & Lynn Betker

    Established 5000 +  cold hardy grapevine vineyard in Hudson, Wisconsin. Open to discussion on arrangements. Contact Ernie Betker at  ehbetker@ yahoo .com or  cell 715- 441-0715. 

  • 10/12/2023 2:21 PM | Kay and Jay Stoeger

    Cold Country Vines & Wines

    Has the following available: Make an offer.

    150 gallons Frontenac Blanc Juice

    150 gallons Frontenac Gris Juice

    150 gallons Louise Swenson Juice

    130 Gallons LaCrescent Juice

    150 gallons Petite Pearl Juice

    2 tons Petite Pearl Grapes

    Delivery is available at $1.75 per mile

    Jay (Jeffrey) Stoeger Cold Country Vines & Wines E3207 Nuclear Road Kewaunee, WI 54216

    Cell: 920-304-0270


  • 10/09/2023 5:15 PM | Steve & Rachel Post

    2   Tons Petite Pearls. 20-22 brix

    4   Tons Frontenac  Gris   23-24 brix

    1    Ton Frontenac.      24-25 brix

       .50 cents a pound. 

       Give us a call ask for Steve post.   Maribel WI. 920-905-3944

  • 10/06/2023 1:53 PM | Doug Peters

    Due to lack of space I will have about 500# of Petite Pearl grapes available this Saturday 10/7/23.  Will will be picking in the AM.  I can have them Crushed and in pails for pick-up this weekend or whole grape. We are in east De Pere.  Brix checked on the vine was 18-22, PH 3.2-3.4

    Call or text 920-371-2413

  • 10/03/2023 9:43 AM | Jim & Nancy Cocchiola

    I'm getting out of the grape growing business.  Here's a list of chemicals for sale.  Contact me at uxoiraq@yahoo.com or 608 675-3003.  Located in Viroqua.  Prices are negotiable and I'll make a deal for someone that buys them all.


    Assail                                2 lb of 4 lbs                     $100  

    Quintec                             10 oz of 30                      $25  

    Sevin XLR                          ½ gal of 2.5 gal             $25  

    Captan 4L Liquid              2.5 gal (unopened)         $75 

    Cheetah Pro                     1.5 gal of 2.5 gal             $75  

    Rampart                           2 gal of 2.5 gal                $85  

    Mustang                           3.5 qt of 4 qt                    $175  

    Evergreen                         3 qt of 4 qt                       $300  

    Sulforix                              2 gal of 2.5 gal                 $50  

  • 09/26/2023 3:46 PM | Kay and Jay Stoeger

    Cold Country has had a great year for LaCrescent. We have an extra 1.5 tons available. 

    Sugar is 22.4 Brix

    Jay (Jeffrey) Stoeger Cold Country Vines & Wines E3207 Nuclear Road Kewaunee, WI 54216 Ph: 920-776-1328 Cell: 920-304-0270

  • 09/24/2023 8:46 PM | Pete Snyder

    4000# Petite Pearl Grapes for sale

    Brix 21

    pH 3.5

    Best offer


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