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  • 07/17/2023 12:09 PM | Amaya Atucha

    The West Madison Research Station (WMARS) will have 3,000 lb of Petite Pearl for sale this  year. Profits from this sale help us maintain the vineyards used by UW-Madison specialist for research.

    We collect pH, TA, and Brix weekly from version till harvest and we are happy to work with winemakers to harvest fruit based on their preferred quality standards.

    Please contact atucha@wisc.edu

  • 07/11/2023 1:17 PM | Steve & Rachel Post

    Petite Pearl.        2 Tons

    Frontenac.           2 Tons

    ST. Pepin.               5 Tons

    Marquette.           5 Tons

    Frontenac Gris   8 Tons

    Call:  Steve and Rachel Post

                16101 County Rd. T

                 Maribel,  WI. 54227

                 Please Call (920) 905-3944 for more info.

  • 07/06/2023 12:34 PM | Kay and Jay Stoeger

    This year Cold Country had a good fruit set.  The following grapes are available at 1550 per ton.

    Louise Swenson 3 tons

    Frontenac 3 tons

    Petite Pearl  4 tons

    Delivery is available, at $2.75 per mile one way.

    Disposable shipping cartons on pallets (1000 to 1100 pounds of grapes) also available

    Jay (Jeffrey) Stoeger

    Cold Country Vines & Wines

    E3207 Nuclear Road Kewaunee, WI 54216 

    Cell: 920-304-0270


  • 07/06/2023 12:17 AM | Michael Eggebrecht

    Hello From Riverview Vineyard, Genoa WI

    For the 2023 season we have the following  High Quality Wine Grapes

    as of July 6th

    4 Tons of Marquette Grapes

    1.5 Tons of Itasca Grapes

    All our grapes are hand picked and sorted in the field, quick chilled and delivered fresh, all our varieties are netted against bird damage. All other varieties are spoken fore.

    Open for inspection, come see for yourself, Wine Enthusiasts are always Welcome

    Michael Eggebrecht    contact cell  608 792 0252   Vineyard  608 689 2271

    email    poor_grape_farmer@hotmail,com

    E580  Gianoli Road

    Genoa, WI  54632

    Thank You

  • 07/03/2023 2:28 PM | Luke Nilles

    Greetings from Seven Hawks Vineyards, we hope you all are having a great growing season thus far!

    We wanted to make everyone aware that we will have many varieties of grapes for sale this season.  Our available quantities will likely change rapidly as the season progresses, but please know that we will have the following varieties available as of July 3, 2023 (updates to follow)

    Prairie Star


    La Crescent

    F. Gris


    St. Croix




    If there are any questions regarding up-to-date available quantities or to receive a price quote, please reach out at any time to Susan Meska at sue@sevenhawksvineyards.com, or by phone at 507-259-1913. 


    Thank you!

  • 06/17/2023 9:31 AM | Chuck Maenner (Administrator)

    I will have 2-3 tons of Petite Pearl available this September 

    Call 608-358-3955 

    Pete Snyder 

  • 03/10/2023 2:43 PM | John Stephenson

    Seeking feedback from member/ growers and their understanding of the importance of hand tool sterilization . Do you currently sterilize your pruning tools such as by-pass snips or loppers between cuts on individual plants or between distinct vines on trellises? How do you currently sterilize your hand tools if at all? Would you actively be willing to sterilize more often if a system was available to enable easy sterilization in the field during pruning operations to combat the spread of fungal, bacterial or viral communities?

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

    John Stephenson

    Stephenson Tree Care, Inc


  • 03/02/2023 8:51 AM | Eric Gale

    Hello! I'm curious if anyone knows of a local (to Wisconsin) business where I can purchase treated vineyard end posts direct from the manufacturer?  I'm looking to source a flatbed full of them, so larger volumes shouldn't be an issue. 

    Thank you for sharing your suggestions!

  • 02/22/2023 8:21 AM | Len Glass

    Wanted- bottle corker- prefer electric. Len, Sinnipee valley winery. 6087787612

  • 01/31/2023 5:22 PM | Kimberly & Chris Collins

    2023 Grapes Available ( Marquette ~5000#, Brianna ~4000#, Somerset also ) spray program/ph/brix all available. Come see my vineyard. I look forward to talking with you. Maplehurst Vineyard- Elkhorn, WI    Kimberly Collins 262-949-9125   collinsfamily@elknet.net


211 Canal Rd

Waterloo, WI 53594


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